Quest for music with George Quest


When someone speaks about their country, they usually focus on the nature, the people, or the most beautiful places. But I want to share with you something different; something unusual; something about the music in my homeland – Bulgaria. “Why is this so unusual?” you would ask. It is, because I will tell you not about our national folk music, but rather about our electronic music.

Have you ever felt, while listening to music, that the sounds and lyrics elevate you and take you flying? You fly inside your dreams and visit amazing places, experience great love, and enjoy precious moments… Sounds so beautiful, doesn’t it? I have got my music and my music makes me feel awesome! This music is deep and soulful and is mixed by my favorite DJ, who is from Bulgaria, and his name is George Quest. If you want to know how his mixes make me feel so great and how he does it, I will tell you – with love.

You will agree that his music is made with lots of love. “Somewhat Lovely” is a good example and is, in fact, one of my favorite George Quest’s mixes. His music is a very special blend of R&B, soul, jazz, funk, hip hop, house and other electronic sounds, which is amazing, because of the unique mixture of so many and so different genres. That, in itself, is sufficient proof that the ability to feel the rhythm and the music is a gift from God.

Before telling you more about him, I will speak a little bit more about his mixes. Why with love? Because if you’re not in love you cannot make deep and soulful music. You don’t have to be in love with somebody. I think it’s enough to be in love with the music. So, for me George Quest has the sense to feel the music. In the mix “Quintessential” you can find a different point of view about the vision of life and nature. There is one phrase “Think green”. When I heard this phrase for the first time I started to think about nature and how precious our planet is. I started to think about the woods, the beaches, the mountains… It was amazing!

When I was a little girl I played the violin and everybody asked me how it was possible for me to do it. I always told them “I can, because I’m inspired by my love for music!” I fell in love with the violin from first sight, and I think George feels the same way about his music. For me there is something cosmic and impressive to make mixes. Maybe because I can’t do it myself, but it’s difficult to believe that somebody else does it with such ease… it seems like George has been doing it since he was born! The sensation that flows through my body when all tracks sound so compatible is very nice. It can be said that all the tracks in George’s mixes are brothers. Tune to tune, sound to sound, lyric to lyric – it is a very special mixture from the music genres to the idea behind the mix. Even though the emotional charge of the lyrics is usually the most important thing for me, if you really listen to his mixes, you will hear every sensual, perfectly matched, lovely, deep and soulful part between and within the tracks.

And now, I want to present to you this great person, let me introduce you to George Quest! George Quest (Georgi Eliseev) is known for his funky touch behind the turntables – he manages to play the funkiest, grooviest music and to create an eclectic mix of various electronic genres that takes people on the dance floor on an eclectic trip. Always modest, he has nevertheless played some of the most noteworthy underground venues in New York, including: Sullivan Room, Love, Purple, Pacha (basement), Shelter (basement), Cafe DeVille, Bembe, Vault at Element, Bar 13, Stay Lounge, National Underground, and so on, and has shared the decks with some of the greatest names in underground house and electronic music, such as Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, Kevin Yost, Joey Youngman, Onionz, Slum Science to name a few.

While his live gigs are usually focused on house music, he has remained true to himself and has continued to create mixes in various genres, always keeping it fresh, eclectic, different, and inspirational.
Have a nice trip with “Somewhat Lovely” by George Quest

/Published in, December 6, 2011/