2 in 1 – Engineer and DJ or just Jivko Yordanov a.k.a. Artone

Artone is the nickname of the young and talented producer and DJ from Sofia, Bulgaria – Engineer Jivko Yordanov. Original, deep, related and interesting are just a very small part of all the definitions of his style. He has many musical projects behind his back and with these projects he has assembled a remarkable “guard” of musicians. He works with Bulgarian and World’s labels like FLC Records (BG), Funktion Music (BG), Bastardos United (BG), Artefact Records (MK), Fairlads Digital (HU), Bloodsugar Records (DE), Sony Music Entertainment (DE) and etc. He started his monthly radio show on Vibes Radio with the name “All I need”. “All I need” is also the name of his upcoming first author’s album, which is expected in 2012.

This is the second part of my rubric about Bulgarian electronic music and Bulgarian DJs. I started this article with a description of Jivko Yordanov a.k.a. Artone. But before I tell you more about his music, I want to tell you how much I am surprised at the fact that he is an engineer and a DJ at the same time. Lots of math in engineering and lots of feelings, sounds, lyrics, love. He is one of my good friends and he always tells me that music and love are one and the same thing. So that’s why his Deep and Soulful style, with lots of lovely lyrics and female vocals, makes me feel like I want to be in love all the time.

The most special thing about his work is his passion to make music not only with digital sounds, but also with real instruments. Artone is not only a DJ, he is a producer, and he knows very well how to make the perfect sound with the mixture of digital, electronic sounds, live instruments and voice. Because of his work as a producer, he has got more tracks than mixes. But this is not a problem for him, because he has a big success in Europe as you can see in his biography.

I asked him to describe the feeling before standing behind the DJ deck, and he said “You know .. for me every single time, but every single time when I go onto the stage and behind the decks … ALWAYS but always I have the same feeling .. like I will do it for the first time for people! My legs are trembling, my hands are sweating, my eyes are playing, all shaking, my heart is beating frenetically, my breath stops.. every time when I go onto the stage .. For the first time!”

For him the feeling to be there among the people, to take care of their good mood, to touch them with his music, to show them his love, to sink them deep into themselves and their emotions, thoughts and sensitivity… this feeling cannot be recreated from anything else .. Just relax, dance .. Allow the music to show you who you are. This is the true beauty of being a DJ, to create this music, to create a harmony of the simplest sounds.

Jivko Yordanov a.k.a. Artone is a talented young producer and DJ from Sofia, Bulgaria. He has been into music since he was 16. He has gone through hip-hop, jazz, lounge which can be explained with his passion for live instruments (and they do take part in his projects). But in 2007 he decided that house music is what he will concentrate on for the future.
Artone’s style cannot be defined accurately, because he works very well with live instruments, as well as with digital sounds. He likes to experiment, sometimes without knowing what the final product will be. At times his music resembles Soulful and Funky House, other times he emphasizes on the deep melancholic moods.

His first serious house project is “The Butterfly EP” in which all instruments except the drums and violins were recorded live and then skillfully arranged by Artone, who tells us one so’ full of love story. He himself has played the piano and bass parts, accompanied by flute, guitar and vocals.

Artone, however, has another side in his music which is so close yet so far from his lyrical Soulful side. That is his deeper, his more silent side – a side which expresses itself, blending live sound with the sounds of the future – the Deep House side.
He also likes to chill the things down by producing lounge and trip-hop. In these fields he is known as “The Wetwax project”.
To the question if he defines himself as a musician, Artone replies: “Keeping in mind that I barely know the notes, no, I’m not a musician. I am one guy who makes music with a pc.”

Have a nice day with Artone’s music http://soundcloud.com/artone/tracks

Picture by Petar Draganov, MEM Studio
/Published on 14 February, 2012, europeanyouthvoice.eu/